Shoot with EDge Dance Company

On a busy Sunday at The Place Theatre, where London Contemporary Dance School and graduate performance group EDge are based, I photographed the publicity images for their forthcoming tour in 2015.
Working with Mark Pepperall of Hot Pepper Design and artistic director Jeanne Yasko, we had the dancers improvise in the studio with lengths of orange bungee before deciding on shots to attempt in the space.

We had a challenge with the background which wasn’t quite wide enough for dance shots. We ended up doubling it and taping it to the studio wall because the wider paper roll we needed would have required supports that wedge between the floor and ceiling, which was ruled out because of possible damage to the dance floor.
Not ideal but we managed.

The dancers worked really well with concept and came up with some great stuff. The time-lapse video here (iphone in the corner of the room) shows a little of the improvisation while I was setting up. And below is one of my favourite shots from the day.

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